Pink Pen Friday


So as you know, I am very…let’s go with “particular”… about things.

I absolutely under no circumstances can watch a TV show out of serial order.

I have to alphabetize or chronical everything. EVERYTHING.

I have my iCalendar set up in my phone categorized with a corresponding color code.

So yeah, I’m pretty chill and laid back. I mean, whatever.

I now have another thing to add to the list of evidence of my anal-retentive nature. I have a different pen color that I use at work for each day of the week. But this is actually a fun thing because I save the fun colors for the fun days! Did I say “fun” enough? Most notably: PINK PEN FRIDAY!!

I work in an office, so it’s the small victories y’all.

I use purple on Mondays. The logic? That maybe it will cheer me up because Monday.

But for real, I think it’s important to save stuff like this for ourselves to get us through the week. It can be a sweet treat, a tv show, or like me, office supplies.

What are your small victories to celebrate through the week?


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