The Daily Fav Day 28: This thing is finally ending!

I don’t know how you’ve felt about this whole thing, but I am getting very tired of talking about myself. I’m out, finished, finisimo. I didn’t think the day would come when I ran out of things to tell about Alex Fittin. I’m sure this will be similar to when you get off the phone with someone, only to remember a gazillion things you forgot to say to them.

Anyway, for my last day of the Daily Fav, I’ve decided to recap the past month and list some things that I didn’t know how to make an entire post out of. Woo Hoo! So here goes, in one sentence for each:

1. The Paprika App: By far the best recipe/grocery app on the market and definitely worth the $5.

2. Coffee: The thing I need through an IV right to the bloodline.

3. Going to the Movies: Still by far the best date out there, and a wonderful excuse for popcorn.

4. The Pioneer Woman: My cooking kindred spirit and someone I heavily embarrassed myself to at a book signing.

5. The Arkansas Razorbacks: Best sports team to be a fan of ever, period.


7. Dark Chocolate: I mean really, do I need to explain this?

8. Bastille: One of the only bands I would go full-hipster for.

9. Stand-Up Comedy: The thing that keeps me young and immature.

10: Television: My shameless, not-so-guilty pleasure that I know way too much the perfect amount about.

11. Giving Presents: This slightly outweighs my love of getting presents.

12. Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien: I cannot choose between them I cannot.

13: Coca-cola: The one unhealthy habit I’m not planning on getting rid of.

14: Valentine’s Day: I just think it’s cute ok?

15: Candy Crush: Have they created a cure for this addiction yet?

16: My dogs: I mean for real, just look at them.

17: Elvis Duran and the Morning Show: My besties that don’t even know me.

18: Mac and Cheese: Hands down the best comfort food there is.

19: Photography: Pretty much just utter amazement at my husband’s talent.

20: Triathlons: Pretty much the only reason I don’t weigh more than I do.

21: Pop Culture: Basically I’m a ninja at all things trivia and current.

22: The Grove Church: It contains so much of the Bryan/Alex history and is our second home.

23: My Loved Ones: So many good feels for these special and wonderful people.

24: Hibachi Food: My birthday vice every year.

25: Travel: I’ve been able to go on some awesome trips in my life, and hopefully it was only the beginning.

26: Classic Rock: I have the music taste of a middle-aged man.

27: Cooking/Food: No please, give me an excuse to cook something.


In addition to these favorite things of mine, here are some honorable mentions:

Jen Hatmaker, social media, reading, office supplies, jewel tones, fun travel cups, holding babies, concerts…

…and probably a million more I can’t think of right now.

I hope you guys have at least a little bit enjoyed this look into me and the people and things that I love.



The Daily Fav Day 27: Cooking

I think I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love cooking. I told you about this recipe and this app and this inspiration and mentioned it a ton of other times in random posts, but for real y’all, I love me some cooking. Now I don’t profess to be the best cook by any means, but I do have a talent for figuring out how to make things with little to no recipe.

I really didn’t start messing with it until I met Bryan and actually had a reason to cook, but once I started I never looked back. My sister is also interested in cooking, and is a fabulous baker. She’s much fancier than me and wants to go to culinary school in Paris, you know, normal kid stuff. I’ll just ride her coattails and maybe one day we will open a restaurant together or something!

I also have a business, Meals on a Mission, where I cook and deliver homemade meals to customers, and for every meal purchased, I donate one to a family in need. It gives me an outlet for my cooking addiction and helps people at the same time! When I first started it, I thought that my main client-base would be working moms, but over time I have gained most of my business from people purchasing meals for their friends and family who just had a baby, are sick, etc.

My goal was to find something to do for when I start staying home with our (future) children, so I really just wanted to get it off the ground and running. I did that, so now I have stopped marketing for it as much so I can focus on the here and now until we have kids.

One more day left! I don’t know about you, but I am tired of talking about myself!

The Daily Fav Day 26: Having the Music Taste of a Middle-Aged White Guy

When we were younger, we were not allowed to listen to the horrors that are Brittney Spears, NSYNC, and the Spice Girls. Somehow, though, the musical stylings of Rush, Journey, and Styx were totally allowed and encouraged.

Like I’ve said before, my dad is a huge music guy. We were raised listening to this stuff and developing an appreciation for the classics. I saw Styx and REO Speedwagon in concert when I was like 13, and I liked it. My dad and I have a tradition to go to a music festival every Memorial Day, and the year we started it was because the B52s were going to be there. For Fathers Day 2010, my brother and I gave my dad Rush tickets and went to see it with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some current music, even pop sometimes. I just have a better appreciation for music when it’s seen through the lens of The Who, Prince, and The Cure. I’m not going to lie, this gives me a lot of pride and full-of-myself-ness. I love being able to “talk tunes” with people who see me as someone who should be listening to Beyonce and Ke$ha. And I do listen to them some, but I’d much rather smugly brag on my Classic Rock knowledge.

Lastly, fun game: Find someone who likes the band Van Halen and tell them that they are hair metal. Watch them flip out and laugh your head off! I know from experience that this will not end well for you but will ensure laughs. THANKS DAD!

The Daily Fav Day 25: Travel

Growing up, we went on vacation just about every year to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We also we to other places, of course, and I have had so much fun traveling with my family all my life. I am so thankful for all of the memories that were made there and what a privilege it was to be able to take vacations every year. That being said, until I was 22 years old, I had never been on an airplane, had never been west of Oklahoma, and had never been east of Ohio. I hadn’t been able to travel very much and had no idea what was in store for me when I did.

I have now been on 3 different airplane trips (Whoa-ho!) and have officially been to both costs of the United States! I’ve found out that I have mixed feelings about flying: I love the speed at which you can travel and the convenience, but I hate the actual flying experience.

It’s been so much fun to be able to explore via travel with Bryan while we don’t have kids (Although we fully intend to travel a lot after we do as well-with and without our kids), and we’ve been able to do some really fun any memorable things!

We spent our honeymoon in Puerto Rico.


We got to spend New Years Eve 2012/2013 in New York City.

New Years

For Bryan’s birthday this year, we went to Portland, OR and took a mini trip to Seattle, WA while we were at it.

Teken in the car, sorry for the blurry-ness!

Teken in the car, sorry for the blurry-ness!

It may seem like a boring tree picture, but ALL of the trees in Portland look like this! Moss-covered craziness.

It may seem like a boring tree picture, but ALL of the trees in Portland look like this! Moss-covered craziness.

And of course, we’ve taken small trips here and there to Dallas, St. Louis, the beach with my family, etc which I won’t bore you with pictures of. I hope we keep traveling and expand beyond the United States soon too! Top of my travel wish list is Italy, then the rest of  Europe, then the rest of the world! Gosh, I just love it all.

The Daily Fav Day 24: Hibachi Food!

hibachi food

I love food a lot you guys, so much that I have literally had to restrain myself from posting more about my favorite foods in the Daily Fav than I have. However, this is legitimately my favorite food in the world!

I’m a big fan of most Asian food, especially if it fuels my love of carbs. Hibachi food definitely takes the crown though!

When I lived in Springfield, there were an abundance of great Hibachi places to choose from, but here in NWA, there’s really just one good restaurant (…that I know of! Please tell me if you’re in the know of another-and don’t say Shogun! I’m really not a fan.).

That place is Kobe. Specifically the Fayetteville one, because the Bentonville location does not have a grill, and mamma needs her grill.

I go there for my birthday every year, and as much during the rest of the year as I can get away with.

Me and my love on Sunday for my birthday dinner.

I’m determined to learn how to make it at home and make it restaurant quality. It may be a lost cause, but I’ll let you know!

What is your standard “birthday food?”

The Daily Fav Day 23: My Loved Ones

So today is the day! After a year of waiting, getting excited, and talking a big game, my birthday is here again!

This year, as always, I wanted to spend it with the people I love, and that I did. On saturday, I got to spend the day with my momma shopping, eating lunch, getting our nails done, and drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages! I got to see my grandparents Saturday night, and Sunday I got to go to church, teach FPU and eat at my favorite restaurant (more on that tomorrow) with my favorite people and eat cake and ice cream (which y’all know I love)!

I have always known that my family dynamic was a little different from most, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a witty, rambunctious, overly open and honest, loud, close-knit group. Bryan (Of course) fits right in with us all and has navigated the waters of pile-ons, dishing it out AND taking it, and flurries of pop-culture references like a champ. While we are, of course, polite and non-obnoxious in public, we rather enjoy seeing the looks on grandparents and other family members’ faces when we show our true colors.

They always make my birthday so special and beautiful. My family has graciously participated in my overly celebrated day for my whole life, never squashing my enthusiasm or making me feel unspecial or ordinary. Bryan has spent the entire month taking me on unique dates and treating me like a princess to celebrate this ridiculous holiday. I feel so overly loved and thankful.

I’m so glad that I come from where and who I do, and that I married who I did and inherited his family as my own, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yay Birthday!

The Daily Fav Day 22: The Grove

Right after Bryan and I met, we realized that both of us were church nomads. I went to my parents’ church a lot, some with friends, tried a few and went on to new ones, etc. Bryan had not lived here long, and had been going to a church, but didn’t agree with all of the teachings and never really felt connected either, so we decided to find one together. We lucked out on the first try with The Grove.

This church as been around since the early 2000s as first a branch, then a sister church to Fellowship Bible Church. Right before we started going though, they hired a new pastor, Charlie Lofton, who is still teaching today. Because of this change, and because it kind of forced the church to start fresh with a whole new mood and way of doing things, we feel as if we’ve been there all along. We got to grow with the church through the changes and rearranges it has made in the past 3 and a half years.

We love the leadership, the staff, being involved, and so many other things. We even got engaged there! Bryan felt like it had been such a central part of our relationship and wanted to ask me to be his forever in that place. A ton of our wedding party came from friends we had made at The Grove and our pastors from there performed it.

I’m so thankful for what this church has meant to my life and the lifelong friends it has given me. I only hope that through my own service to the church, I can play a part in making a difference in someone else’s life like it did mine.

Thanks for bearing through this heartfelt post. We can return to the regularly scheduled nonsense tomorrow 🙂