Birthday Month Favorite Things!

The magic of my birthday will never die. Really birthdays in general. You can ask anyone, I am obsessed with making birthdays memorable, surprising, and fun-filled. When people tell me that they don’t care about their birthdays, I want to cry and convince them that they should love their birthday and milk it for all it’s worth. Which brings me to my next point: I get an entire month for my birthday! This is mostly because I claim it as my own and brainwash people that February is really just Alex-month (And black History Month. can’t take away from that, but I’ll share.) (That was meant to be funny, please don’t comment-rant on me).

All this to say that for my birthday month, I am going to start posting one of my favorite things (The Daily Fav) every day! I am going to try and be diligent about this. If I forget, I will make it up by backdating my daily fav to make it look like I remembered, like I am doing with this post, written on February 5th. Fooled you! Oh wait…

Anyway. Let’s get started. Today’s Daily Fav is:

The Paprika App!

paprika app

This is by far my favorite IPhone app, and if you like to cook at all, you definitely need it! By the way, I am so not being paid to write this, I just am really in love with this thing.

It is well organized, multi-faceted, does the right amount of stuff, and is basically the end of your recipe-keeping frustrations.

You can get it on IPhone, IPad, and on an Apple computer (which I don’t have) and IT ALL SYNCS! It has options for Recipes, Grocery Shopping, and Meal Planning, but doesn’t have too many options or too many layers, so it’s not confusing at all! All of the photos are from the IPad version by the way.


You can store as many recipes as you want and they are really easy to read.

It’s super easy to see the details of your recipe all at once too.

Oh! And one of the best parts is that you can easily load online recipes straight to the app through the browser option! You just tap the browser option and type in a search or full web address, and then tap “save recipe” (see below).

Then TA-DAAAAA! It formats it all beautifully and allows you to edit as you want to!


For the Groceries option, you can add directly from your recipes and it will consolidate all of your ingredients AND arrange them by grocery store aisle/section! I know what you’re thinking and yes, this is the best OCD thing ever! You can also add your own list items and it will give you options for categories or you can select your own.

Meal Planning

So for this feature, you can select recipes and tap the calendar icon above to select which date you want to add the recipe to. You can do this with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each day, and you can add multiple items for main, side, and dessert dishes. This is why if you look above, you’ll see that I have a “recipe” for Asparagus, which of course I don’t need a recipe for, I just added the title and put it in my “side dishes” category so I can add it to meal plans.

There are sooooo many more features in this app, but it still remains simple and easy-to-use. Unfortunately, it’s not a free app, but it’s one that I willingly spent the $5 on both my IPhone and IPad and use it almost every day.

For real, y’all. Get it!


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