The Daily Fav Day 3: Going to the Movies!

Call me cliché if you wish, but my favorite date will always be dinner and a movie. There is something so magical about going to the movies. It makes them seem better somehow. Plus you get popcorn! And a stranger kicking your chair! Wait, what? Eh, can’t win all the time.

The two most recent movies I saw were:



Yes I am almost 24. Yes I went with only other adults. Yes I squealed and laughed and cheered like a child. Seriously, go see it!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty!

This was seriously one of the best movies I’ve seen ever. So well-written. So heartwarming. So Kristin Wiig (Love her!).

So there ya have it. Day 3 of my birthday month! I think these movies are still in theaters so go see them, they’re excellent! And if you’re a dude and saying that you can’t see Frozen because of said dudeness, get over it and see it anyway. You’ll love it I promise.


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