The Daily Fav Day 4: The Pioneer Woman!

This is a decently new obsession, but if you follow me on Facebook or took a look at the photos of recipes from my Paprika app on day 1, you know that my love for her (actualy name: Ree Drummond) is real.

I record every episode of her show on Food Netork, FIRST RUNS AND RERUNS! That’s the mark of true love right there. I also own her Holiday Cookbook and stood in line for 5 and a half hours to get it signed by her and her husband. To be fair, if I had known at the beginning that it would be 5 and a half hours, I don’t know that I would have stayed. But that’s neither here nor there, so it counts dangit!



I love her because she makes normal people food in really delicious (albeit mostly FatteningAKAHeavenly) ways. Even when she does make fancy food, she explains it so easily and makes the dishes somehow seem down-to-earth. She also, much like me, doesn’t often measure things. If you’ve read any of my recipe posts, you know that being too measure-conscious completely takes the fun out of cooking for me. So when I find a cooking show person who says such sentences as “Chop up some basil and throw it in there,” “…and some vanilla, I’m just gonna eyeball it,” and “Eh, that’s about a cup right?” I happy cry a little inside.

She has had her food blog since the mid-2000’s and therefore has TONS of recipes on there, so whenever I want to cook something and I need a recipe I literally Google search “Pioneer Woman [insert dish].” It’s kind of ridiculous. For real y’all, check her out on her website, cooking show, or on social media!

There’s day 4 guys! Thanks for reading!


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