The Daily Fav Day 7: Dark Chocolate!

Yes, this deserves its own post.

I am not a giant sweet tooth. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I don’t often overindulge in desserts and candy. Curse because I often overindulge in other stuff. Like queso. Ooooh queso.

Ok I’m back. Because of this fact, it makes perfect sense that my favorite candy would be bitter, delicious, dark chocolate. (Second and third are twizzlers and gummy berries, for those of you keeping track.) And the darker, more bitter the better! I sent a text recently to my husband on a day of the month that chocolate IS AN ABSOLUTE NEED that said: “I will give you one million dollars if you bring me dark chocolate stat.” (One million dollars or one million kisses are usually my currency of choice for these matters.) I had an extra-large, Valentines Day-sized multi pack of Hershey’s dark chocolate delivered to my desk about an hour later. That is a good husband right there.

Oh! and my soon to be sister-in-law just moved in with us and she is also a dark chocolate freak. We really should be each other’s support system for our addiction. We are instead, the how-you-say opposite of that.

I indulged like $6 on this package on our Portland trip and saved the wrapper so I could order more online. (You can here!) And they’re fair trade! Mamma likes fair trade! It was so dark that you almost needed bread or something with it. Almost.

I keep an open pack on my desk to get me through the day.

I keep the giant multi-pack in my freezer because it adds delicious crunch.

I get dark chocolate cocoa for baking/yogurt/smoothies/life.

I get dark chocolate chips for all of the above things and definitely not snacking. (Yes I do.) (I also don’t this with chocolate sprinkles.) (Yes I do)

Have I made you understand how ridiculous this obsession is?

Ok cool. So that’s day 7. Give in and join me!


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