The Daily Fav Day 8: Bastille!

Making fun of hipsters is a widespread popular activity. Even for the hipsters. Who are in denial. Or aren’t in denial and are just really annoying. Anyway, one of the most common ways in which we mock hipsters is to say that they always talk about listening to music “you’ve probably never even heard of.” It’s obnoxious when people do this, let’s face it.

This is totally how I am in every way about this band.

Bryan and I first heard them while watching the ITunes Festival in London on our AppleTV. We instantly fell in love and vowed to see them on their next American tour. Bryan also started hearing them on Alt Nation on XM radio and we spotified all of their stuff and listened to it until we probably should have been sick of it, BUT WE WEREN’T.

For real, they are good y’all. And now everyone else is hearing about them and joining the bandwagon. The first time I heard their song “Pompeii” on Z100, I sent a text to Bryan that said “OMG Bastille is on Z100. If they get popular I will shamelessly go all hipster on everyone claiming that I knew them before they were big.” And that is what I have done. But only somewhat shamelessly.

I am truly happy for them in their success, regardless of my stupid need to make sure everyone knows that I heard them before they were Top 40s. They are really talented and all of their songs are super catchy and well-played. They were even on SNL recently and they killed it!

Plus how cute are they?! Totally adorable! Everything British is better though, amiright?

Alright guys, that’s day 8. Getting closer to the big day 23!

What’s a band you’d totally go hipster about?


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