The Daily Fav Day 11: Giving Presents!

Part of me wishes that there wasn’t such a faux pas on giving gifts to people. I truly just love the joy that comes with watching someone open a gift that I picked out uniquely for them, but hate that everyone gets annoyed about it because they feel the need to give one back. That being said, I totally feel the need to give a gift back to a person who gives me one. That’s why I said part of me, gosh!

My parents can brag about this, because somehow all of their kids ended up being happier givers than receivers. I don’t know how it worked out that way, so I’ll just assume it was magic. (Or good parenting skills, but that’s really the same thing right?)

My favorite Christmas gift to give this year was a trip to Dallas for my parents, who have rarely been able to get away without all of their beloveds tagging along. I believe in my heart that they didn’t have fun at all without us there, but it was still fun to watch their faces as their opened and read their hotel confirmation. And resist the impulse to ask if they wanted company because DALLAS!

Resist the gift cards! (Although sometimes a gift card is the perfect gift-especially when someone doesn’t like anything ever-did I just say that out loud?) Try it out for yourself, it’s fun!


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