The Daily Fav Day 12: Jimmy Fallon/Conan O’Brien


I know I should choose one, but I can’t! I like them both for such different reasons, so they must share a post.

Jimmy Fallon stole my heart back in his SNL days when EVERYONE made fun of me for how much I like him. I thought he was hilarious and was so happy for him when I heard he was getting Late Night while everyone else was cynical. Booooo. Bryan, while he likes him more and more all the time, still isn’t completely sold for winning reasons such as “He laughs too much.” Yeah. Ridiculous. Joke’s on you, Bryan, because we have like 30 episodes DVR’d to watch. Jimmy Forever!

Conan was another gem shown to me by one of my oldest friends Erin when I was a teenager. He’s so quirky and naturally funny with/without scripted writing (see the writers’ strike of 2007/2008, when he was one of the only hosts to come back early and improv his stuff for the fans without writers, for proof). I followed him to TBS and record his stuff as well, so Bryan has to endure a never-ending queue of late night shows to watch as we fall asleep, or not fall asleep.

So get along forever guys, even though you compete for time slots now, because you’re both in my heart.



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