The Daily Fav Day 14: Valentines Day

Aren’t we cute?

It may seem convenient and cheesey that I am claiming this as one of my favorite things on Valentines Day, but it really is! This is one of the other exceptions of holidays I can celebrate without feeling stubborn about it . I don’t care that it’s a “Hallmark Holiday,” and I don’t care that it’s a giant scheme for retailers to take my money. I just think it’s cute ok? So today I am giving you a list within a list:

My top 5  fun facts of Valentine’s Day (in no particular order):

1. The movie Valentines Day! As you know, I am not much for sappy lovey movies, but romantic comedies? Get over here. I am especially fond of the ones where they take a lot of different story-lines and connect them all together. Ahhhh I love it! (I-don’t-caaare)

2. I don’t usually do cards. As someone who claims to be an excellent gift-giver, I somehow always manage to forget a card. I do this with everything though. I am the queen of “Oh, that’s from me, sorry.” at showers. It’s weird, you’d think I would remember, but you’d be wrong. I have trouble spending $2.50 on something when I can just say it or write it down on the cute colored blank cards I bought at Target. (Shout-out to my homie Target!)

3. An excuse for a super-awesome date night. For real, y’all. Why NOT celebrate it if only for this reason? I hope that in my marriage we always do something special and give each other little tokens of affection for Valentine’s Day, even if the something special is cooking/devouring a meal at home or giving each other intangible gifts cause you know, sometimes you gotta save for a house or something.

4. Even before I had a permanent Valentine, my mom always made V-Day Special. Every morning we’d wake up and find super cute mom-stuff gifted to us on our place-mats. She did this even when we were in college. I don’t have a place-mat at their house anymore (Nor do they use place-mats anymore), but she still called me this morning and told me that she has chocolate for me. I love it, I hope I can be 1/2 as awesome with my kids as she was/is with us! Oh and one time, my dad brough all the ladies of the house flowers on V-Day and it literally made my year. That was so cute and sweet!

5. Bryan Fittin makes me feel like a queen every day of the year. I like to think I’m not super high-maintenance. It truly doesn’t take much to make me happy. However, though I’m not into getting attention in general, I am a big fan of being the center of Bryan’s attention. I definitely have been known to jokingly whine “Ahhhh pay attention to me!” And he takes the cake on this, you guys. He is so thoughtful and sweet in just the right amount in awesome. Since I am not fond of super sappy stuff, he somehow masters being sweet in ways that I can appreciate so much! That man could seriously give me a picture of flowers on Valentine’s Day and I would think it was hilarious and perfect. Ok I’ll stop being mushy.

My Valentine 🙂


I have to add this here at the end. Social Media has become ridiculous on days like today. It’s fine if you don’t like Valentines Day. I really do get it. But please consider whether or not you are doing anything more than being a Scrooge for the rest of us on Facebook. If you think of it as just a normal day, TREAT IT LIKE A NORMAL DAY.

That being said, I have a giant place in my heart for those that have lost their Valentine, and for whom this day is super hard. I won’t even try to say it better, so I will just refer you to Jen Hatmaker’s blog on this subject. My prayers go out to you. You are so strong, and because this is literally my greatest fear, I have so much respect for you all.

Happy Valentines Day you guys!


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