The Daily Fav Day 15: Candy Crush!

I failed. I fell into the black hole trap that is Candy Crush. I fell early too. I was the one running around telling people not to download it because the would be sucked in too. This game is ridiculous, time-wasting, and childish. And I love it!

Below is another list within a list of reasons why Candy Crush sucks/is awesome:

1. I am the sole reason that Bryan has never downloaded or played this game. Seriously, he hates it. For no other reason than the fact that it is such a distraction for me.

2. I sadly and embarrassingly have definitely spent money on this thing. I’m sorry but when I am one jelly bubble away from moving on a this freaking level I’ve been stuck in for a week, $0.99 seems worth it at the time of my insanity.

3. These people are freaking genius. How they got grown adults to obsess over a game of candy, lollipops, and rainbows and PAY THEM MONEY FOR IT is beyond me. They make almost $100K a day on this thing.

4. I don’t log it into my Facebook. I do this a) because it’s annoying when other people send me requests, and b) because I am apparently too stupid to figure out how to get lives from other people because I can’t figure it out and I’ve tried it several times.

5. A few months ago, my phone had to be reset and apparently I had removed the option to save my progress in Candy Crush and so it deleted everything I had before like, August. It’s a little very, very sad how angry it made me.

6. This game made me hate chocolate, and I am angry about that. Other players know where I’m at with this.

7. See how ridiculous I sound? Seriously don’t play it. Ever.

PS: I am fully aware of how idiotic this is (See: entire post), but I won’t stop and you can’t make me. So there!


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