The Daily Fav Day 17: Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

This is my every morning. They come on Z100 in New York, and then play on thousands of radio stations across the country in the mornings. I do not get up early enough, nor do I feel like listening of all of the commercials and the same top 40s songs over and over and over again to listen to them live, so I stream them on their replay channel on the IHeartRadio app.

They show is so funny and silly and ridiculous, but I LOVE IT! I feel like I know the cast even though I have never met them, and they are all so down-to-earth and personable that it’s hard not to love them immediately! When I visited NYC last year, I think I was more excited about being in the same city as these guys than all of the other celebrities that were there. I follow them all on twitter and seriously fan-girl over it when they retweet me or favorite a tweet. It’s a little sad and ridiculous and I’m fully aware.

The longer you listen, the more you get used to their routine and their bits and the more you love them. They do prank calls every day that they call “Phone Taps,” and they are so crazy and elaborate that you wonder how the victims ever let them be played on the radio. They also do this really funny bit called “The Uncomfortable Dinner Party,” where make fun of awkward dinner guests by sitting around with the sounds of dishes clinking and asking each other such awful, embarrassing questions that you can’t stop giggling nervously.  There are so many more but you should totally go listen for yourself!

Anyway, this is it. Day 17, short and sweet. Thanks for reading guys!


One thought on “The Daily Fav Day 17: Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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