The Daily Fav Day 18: Mac and Cheese

Some people might think it silly for one to write an entire blog post about this delightful pasta dish, and those people might be crazy. And also not my friends, because I don’t think I could engage with someone who doesn’t understand the importance of this food.

When I think comfort food, I think Mac and cheese. This deserves its own food group in my mind, and yes it’s a group, because there are many ways of preparing it. You’d think that this is all one could possibly say about this food, but you’d be wrong.

My introduction to this savory goodness was, of course, of the Kraft variety, then onto the shells and cheese, with some Velveeta homemade portions sprinkled in here and there, but now that I’ve started considering it an art form, I’ve moved on to the more advanced versions.

Think I’m done now? Nope.

My personal favorite way to make it is from my bestie , the Pioneer Woman’s recipe and to use either cheddar or a cheddar/jack mix. Also, using real ingredients (milk, butter, cream, cheese, etc) is an absolute must. I’ve also had it made with gouda and other fancy cheeses, and I’ve had it served cold, fried, with breadcrumbs on top, and on and on. I joke with Bryan that I am a mac and cheese critic at restaurants because I get it whenever it is a side dish option and critique it like it’s my job.

This is a must-have dish at all holiday gatherings and I try to work it into other meals whenever possible. Too bad it’s not a health food, because that’s the only way it could possibly get better.

Ok, now I’m done :).


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