The Daily Fav Day 21: Pop Culture

Like most parents, mine felt it important to instill the necessary knowledge and values I would need in life early on. It is because of this that I can recite to you the first and last names of all of the Friends characters AND THEIR ACTORS in 10 seconds flat, could “name that band” for a good portion of the music of the last 6 decades, and can rattle off a celebrity’s dating history without much thought.

My dad is a huge music junky, and although he is the epitome of “white middle-aged dad,” if you ask him, he will tell you what Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and 50 Cent’s real names are in an impressively casual manner. On road trips, we will text each other lyrics from car-to-car and make the other one guess which song it’s from. This is not just music though, he has gained the reputation of knowing the weirdest, most random trivia among everyone who knows him. This is a character trait that I am happy to have received.

When the World Series of Pop Culture was on tv, we seriously considered trying out. We McCurdys take this stuff seriously, man. At holiday gathering, we play Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition and HAVE TO KEEP A SCOREBOOK BECAUSE BRAGGING RIGHTS ARE FOR REAL.

Here’s the sad part friends: I really don’t put much effort into this. Hand me an instruction manual, textbook, or business reading material and I will immediately break into hives and flop to the floor like a toddler. Turn a radio/tv on in my near vicinity or flip open a magazine where I might can catch a glimpse? I’m like freaking Rainman.

Where I’m like “Meh” at stuff like actually matters, I legitimately want to soak up this crap like a sponge. And I do. If I am in a conversation and don’t know the name of some actor or band or the entire cast of the new movie that just came out, something is my brain is like “Must gain this knowledge. Forget whatever important thing you’re focusing on right now. We’ll just push out meaningless junk like how to do long division to make room for whoever Leonardo Decaprio is dating right now.”

Oh and don’t even get me started on tv/movie/song lines. LOVE ‘EM. I’m sure none of you have noticed that by now though. Of course not.


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