The Daily Fav Day 22: The Grove

Right after Bryan and I met, we realized that both of us were church nomads. I went to my parents’ church a lot, some with friends, tried a few and went on to new ones, etc. Bryan had not lived here long, and had been going to a church, but didn’t agree with all of the teachings and never really felt connected either, so we decided to find one together. We lucked out on the first try with The Grove.

This church as been around since the early 2000s as first a branch, then a sister church to Fellowship Bible Church. Right before we started going though, they hired a new pastor, Charlie Lofton, who is still teaching today. Because of this change, and because it kind of forced the church to start fresh with a whole new mood and way of doing things, we feel as if we’ve been there all along. We got to grow with the church through the changes and rearranges it has made in the past 3 and a half years.

We love the leadership, the staff, being involved, and so many other things. We even got engaged there! Bryan felt like it had been such a central part of our relationship and wanted to ask me to be his forever in that place. A ton of our wedding party came from friends we had made at The Grove and our pastors from there performed it.

I’m so thankful for what this church has meant to my life and the lifelong friends it has given me. I only hope that through my own service to the church, I can play a part in making a difference in someone else’s life like it did mine.

Thanks for bearing through this heartfelt post. We can return to the regularly scheduled nonsense tomorrow 🙂


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