The Daily Fav Day 23: My Loved Ones

So today is the day! After a year of waiting, getting excited, and talking a big game, my birthday is here again!

This year, as always, I wanted to spend it with the people I love, and that I did. On saturday, I got to spend the day with my momma shopping, eating lunch, getting our nails done, and drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages! I got to see my grandparents Saturday night, and Sunday I got to go to church, teach FPU and eat at my favorite restaurant (more on that tomorrow) with my favorite people and eat cake and ice cream (which y’all know I love)!

I have always known that my family dynamic was a little different from most, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are a witty, rambunctious, overly open and honest, loud, close-knit group. Bryan (Of course) fits right in with us all and has navigated the waters of pile-ons, dishing it out AND taking it, and flurries of pop-culture references like a champ. While we are, of course, polite and non-obnoxious in public, we rather enjoy seeing the looks on grandparents and other family members’ faces when we show our true colors.

They always make my birthday so special and beautiful. My family has graciously participated in my overly celebrated day for my whole life, never squashing my enthusiasm or making me feel unspecial or ordinary. Bryan has spent the entire month taking me on unique dates and treating me like a princess to celebrate this ridiculous holiday. I feel so overly loved and thankful.

I’m so glad that I come from where and who I do, and that I married who I did and inherited his family as my own, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yay Birthday!


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