The Daily Fav Day 24: Hibachi Food!

hibachi food

I love food a lot you guys, so much that I have literally had to restrain myself from posting more about my favorite foods in the Daily Fav than I have. However, this is legitimately my favorite food in the world!

I’m a big fan of most Asian food, especially if it fuels my love of carbs. Hibachi food definitely takes the crown though!

When I lived in Springfield, there were an abundance of great Hibachi places to choose from, but here in NWA, there’s really just one good restaurant (…that I know of! Please tell me if you’re in the know of another-and don’t say Shogun! I’m really not a fan.).

That place is Kobe. Specifically the Fayetteville one, because the Bentonville location does not have a grill, and mamma needs her grill.

I go there for my birthday every year, and as much during the rest of the year as I can get away with.

Me and my love on Sunday for my birthday dinner.

I’m determined to learn how to make it at home and make it restaurant quality. It may be a lost cause, but I’ll let you know!

What is your standard “birthday food?”


2 thoughts on “The Daily Fav Day 24: Hibachi Food!

  1. Please tell me you know how our favorite “Seafood” sauce is made…I’ve made it several times and it’s so easy – and unfortunately, mayonnaise based. I’m still learning how to fry rice without making a huge, mushy mess. : )

    • I’ve figured out how to make the fried rice and noodles, but yeah, not rice without a huge mess. I can never make it taste exactly like Hibachi though. I think my stir-fry sauce mixture must be off. I need to look up some receipes and try it for real instead of just messing around in the kitchen haha. You need to show me how to make the seafood sauce! I’ve never tried!

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