The Daily Fav Day 26: Having the Music Taste of a Middle-Aged White Guy

When we were younger, we were not allowed to listen to the horrors that are Brittney Spears, NSYNC, and the Spice Girls. Somehow, though, the musical stylings of Rush, Journey, and Styx were totally allowed and encouraged.

Like I’ve said before, my dad is a huge music guy. We were raised listening to this stuff and developing an appreciation for the classics. I saw Styx and REO Speedwagon in concert when I was like 13, and I liked it. My dad and I have a tradition to go to a music festival every Memorial Day, and the year we started it was because the B52s were going to be there. For Fathers Day 2010, my brother and I gave my dad Rush tickets and went to see it with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some current music, even pop sometimes. I just have a better appreciation for music when it’s seen through the lens of The Who, Prince, and The Cure. I’m not going to lie, this gives me a lot of pride and full-of-myself-ness. I love being able to “talk tunes” with people who see me as someone who should be listening to Beyonce and Ke$ha. And I do listen to them some, but I’d much rather smugly brag on my Classic Rock knowledge.

Lastly, fun game: Find someone who likes the band Van Halen and tell them that they are hair metal. Watch them flip out and laugh your head off! I know from experience that this will not end well for you but will ensure laughs. THANKS DAD!


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