The Daily Fav Day 27: Cooking

I think I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love cooking. I told you about this recipe and this app and this inspiration and mentioned it a ton of other times in random posts, but for real y’all, I love me some cooking. Now I don’t profess to be the best cook by any means, but I do have a talent for figuring out how to make things with little to no recipe.

I really didn’t start messing with it until I met Bryan and actually had a reason to cook, but once I started I never looked back. My sister is also interested in cooking, and is a fabulous baker. She’s much fancier than me and wants to go to culinary school in Paris, you know, normal kid stuff. I’ll just ride her coattails and maybe one day we will open a restaurant together or something!

I also have a business, Meals on a Mission, where I cook and deliver homemade meals to customers, and for every meal purchased, I donate one to a family in need. It gives me an outlet for my cooking addiction and helps people at the same time! When I first started it, I thought that my main client-base would be working moms, but over time I have gained most of my business from people purchasing meals for their friends and family who just had a baby, are sick, etc.

My goal was to find something to do for when I start staying home with our (future) children, so I really just wanted to get it off the ground and running. I did that, so now I have stopped marketing for it as much so I can focus on the here and now until we have kids.

One more day left! I don’t know about you, but I am tired of talking about myself!


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