The Daily Fav Day 28: This thing is finally ending!

I don’t know how you’ve felt about this whole thing, but I am getting very tired of talking about myself. I’m out, finished, finisimo. I didn’t think the day would come when I ran out of things to tell about Alex Fittin. I’m sure this will be similar to when you get off the phone with someone, only to remember a gazillion things you forgot to say to them.

Anyway, for my last day of the Daily Fav, I’ve decided to recap the past month and list some things that I didn’t know how to make an entire post out of. Woo Hoo! So here goes, in one sentence for each:

1. The Paprika App: By far the best recipe/grocery app on the market and definitely worth the $5.

2. Coffee: The thing I need through an IV right to the bloodline.

3. Going to the Movies: Still by far the best date out there, and a wonderful excuse for popcorn.

4. The Pioneer Woman: My cooking kindred spirit and someone I heavily embarrassed myself to at a book signing.

5. The Arkansas Razorbacks: Best sports team to be a fan of ever, period.


7. Dark Chocolate: I mean really, do I need to explain this?

8. Bastille: One of the only bands I would go full-hipster for.

9. Stand-Up Comedy: The thing that keeps me young and immature.

10: Television: My shameless, not-so-guilty pleasure that I know way too much the perfect amount about.

11. Giving Presents: This slightly outweighs my love of getting presents.

12. Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien: I cannot choose between them I cannot.

13: Coca-cola: The one unhealthy habit I’m not planning on getting rid of.

14: Valentine’s Day: I just think it’s cute ok?

15: Candy Crush: Have they created a cure for this addiction yet?

16: My dogs: I mean for real, just look at them.

17: Elvis Duran and the Morning Show: My besties that don’t even know me.

18: Mac and Cheese: Hands down the best comfort food there is.

19: Photography: Pretty much just utter amazement at my husband’s talent.

20: Triathlons: Pretty much the only reason I don’t weigh more than I do.

21: Pop Culture: Basically I’m a ninja at all things trivia and current.

22: The Grove Church: It contains so much of the Bryan/Alex history and is our second home.

23: My Loved Ones: So many good feels for these special and wonderful people.

24: Hibachi Food: My birthday vice every year.

25: Travel: I’ve been able to go on some awesome trips in my life, and hopefully it was only the beginning.

26: Classic Rock: I have the music taste of a middle-aged man.

27: Cooking/Food: No please, give me an excuse to cook something.


In addition to these favorite things of mine, here are some honorable mentions:

Jen Hatmaker, social media, reading, office supplies, jewel tones, fun travel cups, holding babies, concerts…

…and probably a million more I can’t think of right now.

I hope you guys have at least a little bit enjoyed this look into me and the people and things that I love.



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