My Brain is on Mondays.

Ever have a day where you are a complete and total spaz at all times? Like try as you might, you just cannot seem to do anything right, and while you’re at it, you decide that today is as good as any to be a mega-clutz?

This is me today.

I have committed 1,000 little, insignificant, accidental crimes at work that have added up to me making a huge idiot of myself in front of my boss, I have tripped, I have spilled things, I have made stupid comments instead of witty ones. Even things out of my control like the fact that someone stole the paper towels out of the girls’ bathroom at work and I keep forgetting and washing my hands and then having wet hands and then getting angry and then forgetting all over again.

I hate the phrase “Case of the Mondays,” but today definitely calls for it.

Anyone have a good cure?


Leave me some love!

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