Need Some New Favorite Reads?

exodus road 2

I have lots of causes I’m into. While I’m putting lots of energy into adoption right now, it hasn’t stopped me from learning about other social justice issues. I love that bloggers can use their writing talents for the good of others. I hope I can use mine for that someday. For now, I will just pass on what I’m learning to my small readership and hope it makes a difference :).

These ladies are hilarious and cool and great bloggers on the regular. Lately, they’ve been traveling and writing about The Exodus Road, an organization that fights human trafficking like, for real. As in, they don’t vaguely take your money and “put it to good use.” They’ve invited these ladies into their world and investigations and allowed them to share what they ethically can with us, their readers and hopefully The Exodus Road’s contributors. I highly encourage everyone to go read their stuff if for no other reason than they are very entertaining bloggers.

Jamie Write:

Roo Ciambriello:

Heather B. Armstrong:

Kristin Howerton:


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