American Flag Doo-Rag

So I had a post all typed out last week with lots of Phoebe photos that I promise I will eventually retype. See wut-ha-happen was I was unexpectedly gone from work for like 6 days and so the session timed out and when I to post it this morning, it all went bye-bye. After all the crap that has happened over the past week month, I don’t even care.

Until I can repost, I’ll leave you with this teaser of why I was out for so long *SLASH* a hilarious photo of our friends’ kid giving Bryan gifts.

Gifts given: rubber slappy hand, woopie cushion, American flag doo-rag, Feliz Cumpleanos balloon, mardi gras beads, fake mustaches.

Gifts Bryan ended up giving back to Adler because he was having so much fun with them: slappy hand, woopie cushion.


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