Peep Crispy Treats…It’s What It Sounds Like.

BIG NEWS! I’m cooking again! Apparently the baby decided that I can be trusted to handle multiple food smells at once again, so I’m back in the kitchen in all my glory (Bryan’s words, not mine. Kind of.)

So I am not a big sweet tooth, which helps along the fact that I am not much of a baker. It also makes for a difficult time for my mother as she tries to find candy stocking stuffers and Easter basket goodies. Yes, Bryan and I both still get Easter baskets from both sets of parents and will until the day we die and JUST WHATEVER ABOUT IT.

Anyway. My husband, on the contrary, is a giant lover of all things sugary and dessert, but for some reason is not a huge Peep fan. This leads to lots of leftover boxes of Peeps after every Easter. I set them out for guests to take, but apparently month-old candy (candy?) isn’t very appealing. This considered, Bryan’s favorite dessert of all time is Rice Crispy Treats. He doesn’t like Peeps but he likes MARSHMALLOW treats. I don’t get it either.

Because Peeps don’t expire ever apparently, we decided to make the most of them by turning them into his favorite sweet treat.

NOTE: I was not paid for this at all by Peeps or Rice Krispies. I just didn’t feel like taping over labels and using vague synonyms for all of my ingredients.

I give you:

You will need:

The usual suspects: Rice Krispies (You could also use generic if you’re so inclined.), butter, a stirrin’ spoon, and salt, which is not pictured. Sorry.

AND: Peeps! I used purple also, but they didn’t make it into the photo.

The rest of these are ACTION SHOTS. That’s why they’re so blurry, duh. Not because I’m impatient or anything.

Throw some butter (like 1/3 stick) into each saucepan. Then dump each package of peeps into separate pots. It’s important to do each color separately because ew.

Next, throw some salt in there. You do this with regular crispy treats, but with Peeps variety it’s extra important because OMG so much sugar.

Goodbye sweet Peeps.

Next, stir them all until they are melted down. You can do this for each one individually, but make sure the others are on low or no heat while you babysit one of them. If you haven’t smelt the burnt butter/marshmallow combo, just trust me. You can also do what I did, which is make Bryan help me. They are for him, after all.

It will eventually look this like. NOTE: If you are a food color-sensitive person like I am, don’t use green Peeps. It will remind you of the Nickelodeon slime days.

PCT pouring

Coat bowls with nonstick spray or butter, then pour in some rice cereal (like 1.5 cups or so). Once your Peeps are melted, QUICKLY pour them over the cereal before they cool. Coat your spoon in spray or butter and stir stir stir!

Once it’s all combined, coat a pan in nonstick spray/butter and dump your concoction in there.

Press each color into strips. You can really press them in there however you want, but I chose to do mine like some sort of Easter flag. Again, I would advise against mixing them all together, because ew.

And there you have it! My husband has already taken out like half the pan. With a little help from my sister-a fellow sweet tooth.

I’m super excited to be back to my regular cooking schedule. I got giddy while meal-planning. I kid you not. I even made mocha brownies FROM SCRATCH Y’ALL. I would share the recipe, but I didn’t take pictures, sooo.

Love, Alex


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