This Is Why I Don’t Bake.


pie disaster 1


I think  I’ve made my feelings clear on baking vs. cooking. I love cooking, like a lot. And I’m pretty decent at it. It doesn’t require that you follow directions, and it’s much easier to be creative. Baking, however locks you into a specific formula. It’s science, man, and I was always an English/history girl.

You may remember that pregnancy made my cooking frequency dwindle.  Because of the smells. And the effort. Recently though, I excitedly picked up the cooking again, and I dove headfirst. In addition to my cooking I have tried my little heart out to up my baking game. I made brownies and frosting and TRES LECHES CAKE from scratch, y’all. 

It was all fun and games until I got too cocky and went for the fried pies.

I made dough. (Successfully!)

I sprinkled flour and rolled out said dough.

It all went downhill from there until the remains of my project ended up here. Where dreams go to die. There are probably a few of my tears in there too.

Is it sad that one of my major concerns here is that I had to throw food away?  I mean, look at all of this wasted shortening. Those are the charred remains of pie dough and my dignity floating around in there.

pie disaster 2

I’m coming for you fried pies. I will conquer you.

Until then, want to come over and I’ll make you a wonderful savory dish?



8 thoughts on “This Is Why I Don’t Bake.

    • Well I’ve never been a very good at art either, but I do love to cook! I should probably work on mastering things like cake and brownies before moving on up to things like fried pies :(.

  1. Baking can be hard I tend to get cocky as well and mess up a few tries. I’m impressed that you made a tres leches cake I have yet to attempt them!! Frying things can be tricky just keep trying!
    I would love for you to visit my blog I have some yummy savory recipes.

    • I think it was the tres leches cake that made me cocky! haha. I will definitely visit you girl. I am always looking for new meal idea to add to my roster. Keep ’em coming!

  2. A lot of people either seem to be cooks or bakers. I started out baking, but now I do both. Don’t be TOO discouraged–fried things are hard! Try again. I very much believe baking and cooking are like what P. Allen Smith says about gardening–“you have to kill a plant 3 times before you know it.”

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