One of These Days We Will Learn

Before and After

We have a wonderful groomer that we love and that adores our children dogs. The problem is, a lot of other people love them too and they are relatively well-priced, which means they book out like 2 weeks at least. So right around the time our prissy, bratty Bichon Frise’ starts looking like a swamp rat is when we get wise to the thought that maybe we should schedule her an appointment at the ol’ beauty salon.

This irresponsibility leads to another 2-3 weeks of Phoebe looking like a dirty ragamuffin (is that redundant?) and a corresponding few weeks after said appointment of people thinking we must have brought home a new dog. Because this beautiful creature couldn’t possibly the one that had grass stuck in her hair last week. In other news, both Jeckle-Phoebe and Hyde-Phoebe seem to eat poop, so there’s that.

Are we bad parents? Is this signifying how we will treat our human children? I hope not.

Love, Alex

PS: I think Bryan loves Phoebe and Mali more than he loves me sometimes, so our dogs are in no way mistreated. But srsly, that dog could do a rendition of Lady and the Tramp as a one-woman show.


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