If It’s Not Broken…Still Fix It.

wedding cake photo

When you’re sick, you go to the doctor right? I mean, I know we don’t all go to the doctor because there are some people who get super skeeved out by medical professionals and would rather just die, but you get the point.

We also know that we should go to the doctor every once in a while for a check-up. Especially as you get older. Which I am in denial about for myself but have zero problem enforcing on my husband who has a tendency to get sick All. The. Time. 

What I’m getting at is that we should treat our marriage the same way, especially as it gets older. 

In the beginning is when it seems roughest. We’re figuring each other out. How the other lives, joint conflict styles, communication in general. A lot of this is hashed out in engagement and especially and HOPEFULLY in premarital counseling (Go to it, do it, learn from it. It’s soooooo important.) Plus, we all know how the first year goes. Can we skip talking about it? K thanks. Moving on.

Right now I am past the blissful second year and into my third year of marriage, which has also been fantastically blissful. I love my husband more than words can describe, I think he’s awesome, and we have so much fun together. He’s truly my best friend. It’s in all of this that we recently went to marriage counseling for the second time since we’ve been married.


Because we are about to undergo a ginormous change in our lives: starting a family…and more than doubling it.


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Change can be a stresser for many people, and we all know how tightly wound I am soooo… it just makes sense that preparation is much needed. I truly believe that bracing yourself and your marriage for any known change is so important to its health.

One of my biggest worries in having a baby and starting a family is the impact that it will have on my marriage. I love being married and unless things are going to change for the better, I’d like them to not change at all. I hear horror stories of how marriages become kid-centered and unhealthy and it scares me.

This is why Bryan and I chose to sit down with the same couple who did our pre-marital counseling and chat about the changes we can anticipate and how we can make parenting something that brings us together.

It’s hard to have your crap aired out in front of people, but it’s so worth it in the end. We talked through some decisions that we had already made as a team and ones that we hadn’t even thought about. Best of all, because they know us and our marriage and how we work so well, we were able to ask them what they thought that we personally would struggle with in parenting and our marriage… and they told us. Point-blank. As much as it stings, it’s so good to be able to prepare yourself for problems and try to avoid them.

Having a third party present changes the dynamic. It allows us to be honest with each other without the fear of the other not listening, it forces us to be calmer toward the other person than we might have been in private, and best of all, it forces us to hear how stupid we sound sometimes. A trusted counselor is able to see things in us that we may have missed in ourselves. They change our perspective and can call us out for being douches.

But we have to let them.

As we and our marriages get older, things have a tendency to become stagnant and we have the tendency to become avoiders. Even if there is no problem in sight, a healthy check-up never hurt anyone.

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So here’s to sucking up our pride, finding a pastor, a trusted couple who has been married longer than you and who knows you and your marriage WELL, or hey, if you need it, pay a professional. Whatever it takes. I know my marriage is too good to let my pride ruin it and I hope more people start feeling that way too.

Love, Alex


What We’re Wearing Wednesday…with Friends! (Volume 7)

What We're Wearing Wednesday

Last night, we had a staff meeting and editing party for the S&B Crew complete with me screwing up dinner and having to order pizza (don’t worry, I managed not to cry this time) and me getting bored with the editing part and going to do my own thing after the meeting.

We’ve been super busy with shoots lately, which is a huge blessing! We’re loving getting to do lots of shoots every week and getting to work with our team…hence the editing party. I also forced asked them nicely to model for my weekly non-fashion post. They’re pretty stylish if you ask me.


Bryan full

Jacket: Aigle|Pants: Express (surprise surprise)


Brenna full

I happen to know that she got that top at a thrift shop.

brenna accessories

Who doesn’t need a good state reppin’ necklace? She wears more jewelry each day than I wear all week probably…and rocks it!

brenna shoes

Shoes: Soda (from Tilly’s)


Susie Full


Susie has been wearing new jeans lately (these included), and I told her that they made her look thin and her butt look good. She replied “I know! I got all excited when I tried them on and realized I’m not as fat as I thought I was!” No ma’am, you are not.

susie accessories

I have a little scarf envy over this thing. You do not need another scarf Alex, you do not.

susie shoes

She called these her fake Sperrys…then quickly changed it to ferrys.


alex full

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this shirt for WWWW before, but whatever, man. I can’t be buying a whole new wardrobe for a few months of my life.

Top: Old Navy Maternity|Skinny Yoga Pants(MY NEW BEST FRIENDS): Target Maternity

alex shoes

We all know how much I love my Big Buddha bow flats. Well, my friend Arden found these on sale in Alabama and snagged them for me! How adorable are these?! The box should have com with built-in lights so when I opened it, the angelic “AAAAH” I heard in my head would have been complete.

Love, Alex


This Child Has So Many Clothes.

Seriously y’all. We have been so incredibly blessed by people who see things that we would like, just have a lot of extra stuff, or just love us a lot.

You think I’m kidding? Check this out.

grady clothes3


grady clothes2


grady clothes1

And you guys? this isn’t even all of them. I’m trying to organize them by size into tubs so I can pull them out when he is ready to wear them. I started to catalog them all, but quickly gave up when I started hating my life and stuff.

2014-10-03 13.16.19



By far, this child has the most bear things ever owned by one person aaaaaaaand we love it. Grady, you’d better be into bears, man. Otherwise your father might cry actual tears.

So many thanks to my parents and sister, Bryan’s parents and sister, Heidi and Charlie Loften, Scott and Jennifer Mills, and Jeff and Joy Meekins for giving us all the great clothes for our little guy. He is set up for a long, long time!


Love, Alex

Digging It (Volume 2)

Digging It

Welcome to Digging It! A weekly segment that links to some awesome stuff I found or watched or tried or bought or read throughout the week.



My dad’s favorite comic strip as a kid was The Flash. Why he didn’t choose a more commercial superhero, I don’t know. But when the CW announced that they were bringing back the fastest man alive for a new series, we got all excited. My dad and I had a little premier party (to which he wore The Flash cape that Bryan and I got him for Christmas a couple of years ago) and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! It’s on the CW, so some amount of teen angst is to be expected, but it’s cool nonetheless.

  • Birth Videos

I’m not linking to this one because if you really want to see, just go to the good ol’ Youtubes. Bryan thinks I’m a freak for watching these, but I’d rather be prepared for whatever horrors are coming my way than not. They still give me the Heeby Jeebies though. Ugh.



This song is old, yes, but I recently rediscovered it while listening to my old favorite study session Pandora station, Deas Vail. Ahh college.




I’m a big fan of Parks and Rec. There is a big joke in my family that my dad is just like Ron Swanson. My dad is super resistant to watching new shows so he wouldn’t see for himself for a long time, but recently he caved and is now a follower of all things Swanson. These cracked me up and totally sounded like Jon McCurdy-isms.

Don’t read this unless you’re in a good crying situation. This made my heart break and my eyes bawl. This is why We want older children. No one deserves to be unloved and unwanted. It only takes more willing people to fix this broken system. Pleeease consider and pray about adoption or fostering.



What We’re Wearing Wednesday (Volume 6)

What We're Wearing Wednesday

Well, as I stated earlier today, things are a little busy around the Fittin Household today. However, I have had these photos on hand for a few days now and wanted to share what this preggo has been wearing lately. I usually wouldn’t be so excited, except that it’s finally getting cooler which means I can wear my new gear! I think I actually look better in long sleeved maternity clothes, but maybe I’m just not tired of them yet.



Bryan full


The jeans are Express. Again. Listen, he likes Express clothes and jeans especially and uses award gift cards from work to buy them. So THAT’S why.

2014-10-15 16.16.27

I really like these shoes when he wears them. They go with a lot and especially Razorback stuff. Duh.



Alex Full

The jeans are Old Navy (as always) and the top is Motherhood. I have a thing with stripes. Love ’em. Can’t get enough of them. Being that I am normally pretty hippy, I know horizontal stripes aren’t my friends, but I just can’t help myself!

2014-10-15 16.16.35

Brown flats from Target. I have had these for like 2 years and STILL haven’t broken them in. They’re so cute but for real, my feet cry a little when my brain sees them and says “Ooooh! I’ve wear these today!”

2014-10-15 16.18.40

This was one of those mall kiosk finds by my mom. She knows I love me some Burberry and have no qualms with a good knock-off and bought it for me for Christmas. THANKS MOM!

2014-10-15 16.18.25

These earrings are cute and go with soooo much but man, they hurt after 8 hours. One of these days I will learn not to buy heavy earrings.


Love, Alex

Too Excited to Post…Except for This.

the call logo

So I sat down at my computer…no, you know what? I did more than that. I drove to ANOTHER LOCATION to write in peace and then sat down at my computer, intending to crank out a few blog posts that have been rolling around in my brain, not to mention a What We’re wearing Wednesday because I know you’re all dying to see what maternity gear I’m wearing today. But you know what? I’m a little too excited right now because WE JUST GOT THE CALL FOR OUR HOME STUDY!

YES! We’ve been waiting since we finished training for this call, which finally gets the ball rolling on our final little bit of the process before we can finally be an open home and hopefully get our boys. The problem: Bryan’s out of town and that leaves 8-month pregnant me to clean my messy house and finish off our safety checklist. AAAAAH!

I’m a little overwhelmed/excited/in hyperdrive.

Light some candles for me folks, I’m going in.

Texas and Bryan and Bears, Oh My!

So as my last Hoorah before the baby comes, we decided to surprise Bryan’s bestie (read: boyfriend) Gerardo and drive down to Texas to spend a couple of days with him and his girlfriend Charolette (Who I really like, thankfully. Doesn’t it suck when you’re sort of stuck hanging out with someone who annoys you because of all of the relational connections? Totally not the case with Charolette). I plan to post some more photos and quips about our trip and adventures there, but for now I figured I’d leave you with the two most exciting animal encounters we had on the trip.

Alex petting zebra

First of all, I GOT TO PET A ZEBRA AT THE TEXAS STATE FAIR! Don’t even start with me about how that’s not a big deal. It so is.  I’ve never pet one before and it was like I could feel the cool stripe factor through their hair. Please horse, you have nothing on baby zebra.

Grady and zebra

Charolette took this picture and said it was of Grady and the zebra. So #LilFit, even though you’re already betrothed to bears as your favorite animal, let it be known that you were up close and personal with a zebra first.

Barnaby waving

An admittedly bigger deal, though, was this. We got to go to a wildlife refuge called Sharkarosa in Pilot Pointe and they had a super cool feature where you could EAT WITH BEARS. Seriously, they have a pizza place right next to the bear den (Called Bears’ Den, no less. Free tip: the service there was not great, and Charolotte had to get us our drinks from a server inside and then no one ever came to give us our food or a check for the drinks after about 45 minutes of sitting there, so we got to see the bears for free!) and they do shows every few hours where they bring the bears to a table and feed them avocados literally like 2 yards away from you. Bryan, as you could imagine, was outside his mind excited. This was the boy bear, Barnaby, doing a trick for his trainer (and for a peppermint-so cute!).

Barnaby waving

I’m sure Bryan would want to imagine that Barnaby was waving at him in this photo, but no, more tricks for peppermints. I’m seriously not kidding though, this was maybe a yard from the bear.

Love, Alex