Digging It (volume 1)

Digging It

Welcome to issue #1 of Digging It. A weekly segment that links to some awesome stuff I found or watched or tried or bought or read throughout the week.



I am a little bit in love with this couple’s videos on Buzzfeed, and I have to say, this edition was more applicable than the first one!

Listen, I know I’m late to the party on this one, but these are hilarious and I dare you not to binge watch entire seasons. Nevermind the fact that these idiots are making millions a year by doing this.


I’m a big fan of T-Swizzle’s. I feel like whether or not you love her music, you have to respect the fact that she writes it herself and plays it herself and is generally a really nice person and not a diva. Feel me? This song was not my favorite at first, I’m not gonna lie. But then I heard it a bunch, and watched the video, and fell hard. This is my jam now.

You guys, you’re welcome for this. Bodhi and Jenna Elfman decided to do a marriage podcast since they pretty much have Hollywood’s longest marriage (20ish years). It is sooooo hilarious and awesome. They talk about EVERYTHING and even work out their arguments on there sometimes. I’ve tweeted them about it some and they’ve responded! Super cool.

PS: If you listen to it while you work out, it will for sure take your mind off of how much pain you’re in, but you will look like an idiot cracking up to yourself as you run. #WorthIt


I just started this book this week. I like it so far! If you’ve read it and want to do a virtual book club of some sort, let me know!


Love, Alex


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