Too Excited to Post…Except for This.

the call logo

So I sat down at my computer…no, you know what? I did more than that. I drove to ANOTHER LOCATION to write in peace and then sat down at my computer, intending to crank out a few blog posts that have been rolling around in my brain, not to mention a What We’re wearing Wednesday because I know you’re all dying to see what maternity gear I’m wearing today. But you know what? I’m a little too excited right now because WE JUST GOT THE CALL FOR OUR HOME STUDY!

YES! We’ve been waiting since we finished training for this call, which finally gets the ball rolling on our final little bit of the process before we can finally be an open home and hopefully get our boys. The problem: Bryan’s out of town and that leaves 8-month pregnant me to clean my messy house and finish off our safety checklist. AAAAAH!

I’m a little overwhelmed/excited/in hyperdrive.

Light some candles for me folks, I’m going in.


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