Digging It (Volume 2)

Digging It

Welcome to Digging It! A weekly segment that links to some awesome stuff I found or watched or tried or bought or read throughout the week.



My dad’s favorite comic strip as a kid was The Flash. Why he didn’t choose a more commercial superhero, I don’t know. But when the CW announced that they were bringing back the fastest man alive for a new series, we got all excited. My dad and I had a little premier party (to which he wore The Flash cape that Bryan and I got him for Christmas a couple of years ago) and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! It’s on the CW, so some amount of teen angst is to be expected, but it’s cool nonetheless.

  • Birth Videos

I’m not linking to this one because if you really want to see, just go to the good ol’ Youtubes. Bryan thinks I’m a freak for watching these, but I’d rather be prepared for whatever horrors are coming my way than not. They still give me the Heeby Jeebies though. Ugh.



This song is old, yes, but I recently rediscovered it while listening to my old favorite study session Pandora station, Deas Vail. Ahh college.




I’m a big fan of Parks and Rec. There is a big joke in my family that my dad is just like Ron Swanson. My dad is super resistant to watching new shows so he wouldn’t see for himself for a long time, but recently he caved and is now a follower of all things Swanson. These cracked me up and totally sounded like Jon McCurdy-isms.

Don’t read this unless you’re in a good crying situation. This made my heart break and my eyes bawl. This is why We want older children. No one deserves to be unloved and unwanted. It only takes more willing people to fix this broken system. Pleeease consider and pray about adoption or fostering.




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