What We’re Wearing Wednesday…with Friends! (Volume 7)

What We're Wearing Wednesday

Last night, we had a staff meeting and editing party for the S&B Crew complete with me screwing up dinner and having to order pizza (don’t worry, I managed not to cry this time) and me getting bored with the editing part and going to do my own thing after the meeting.

We’ve been super busy with shoots lately, which is a huge blessing! We’re loving getting to do lots of shoots every week and getting to work with our team…hence the editing party. I also forced asked them nicely to model for my weekly non-fashion post. They’re pretty stylish if you ask me.


Bryan full

Jacket: Aigle|Pants: Express (surprise surprise)


Brenna full

I happen to know that she got that top at a thrift shop.

brenna accessories

Who doesn’t need a good state reppin’ necklace? She wears more jewelry each day than I wear all week probably…and rocks it!

brenna shoes

Shoes: Soda (from Tilly’s)


Susie Full


Susie has been wearing new jeans lately (these included), and I told her that they made her look thin and her butt look good. She replied “I know! I got all excited when I tried them on and realized I’m not as fat as I thought I was!” No ma’am, you are not.

susie accessories

I have a little scarf envy over this thing. You do not need another scarf Alex, you do not.

susie shoes

She called these her fake Sperrys…then quickly changed it to ferrys.


alex full

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this shirt for WWWW before, but whatever, man. I can’t be buying a whole new wardrobe for a few months of my life.

Top: Old Navy Maternity|Skinny Yoga Pants(MY NEW BEST FRIENDS): Target Maternity

alex shoes

We all know how much I love my Big Buddha bow flats. Well, my friend Arden found these on sale in Alabama and snagged them for me! How adorable are these?! The box should have com with built-in lights so when I opened it, the angelic “AAAAH” I heard in my head would have been complete.

Love, Alex



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