Frustrated Nester

Grady bedroom before

In my last post, I talked about some of the frustrations that come with being debt free and having to save for things and pay for them with actual money. When we bought the “SuBEARben” as it’s come to be lovingly referred to in the Fittin household and among our friends, we *kind of* wiped ourselves out. What I mean is that we saved up for it, pouring all of our extra cash into “the car fund” and afterwards were running pretty thin.

This gap happened to fall when that awesome New Mom Nesting Energy kicked in…leading to a very frustrating time for me. Honestly guys, we are T-3 weeks from due date and although most of these have finally been ordered,  my child still does not have a dresser/changing station, CARSEAT (We had one. It was actually like the first thing we had thanks to my old coworkers, but then we decided to trade it in for the travel system that comes with that exact same carseat. Target may have free shipping right now…but it is not quick free shipping.), and a few other necessities.

Even more frustrating, I’ve learned that nesting is not just for biological children. The adoption front has not been enabling my patience problem either. Apparently there has been some sort of paperwork problem or delay with our home study, which is why our last step has taken so long. We were really hoping to get to meet the boys at least once before the baby came, and now it’s looking like that won’t happen. I’m super disappointed.

Is it too much to ask for everything to go perfectly? Gosh.

When I figure out what the lesson is for this latest experience in the growing-a-family part of our story, I’ll let you know. But for now I’m just…frustrated.

Love, Alex



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