About Alex


Hi! I’m Alex Fittin. I am wife to Bryan Fittin, daughter and sister to some crazy, awesome family, friend of the absolute best, and mother to Mali and Phoebe. Also, soon to be mother of the baby currently taking over my system and leeching my nutrients. We are also SUPER into the adoption game, so stay tuned for what I estimate will be a rapidly growing insta-family.

Let’s roll back to the beginning. I was born in Shreveport, LA, where most of my mom’s side of the family still resides. I’ve grown up going back there a lot and I have to say, it’s the place I am most proud of coming from. I like to think I have a pretty US-neutral accent, but every time I go back, I turn cajun REAL quick. I lived in Little Rock, AR for a while, then onto Springfield, MO. I spent most of my formative years in Springfield, so in general when asked, I say I’m from there. I reserve the right to change my answer according to mood, though.

Right now, I live in Northwest Arkansas, which encompasses a lot of different towns that all kind of run together. I absolutely love it because you get a different feel from each one. This satisfies my crazy notion that I can enjoy a bigger-city lifestyle without screaming at traffic constantly (prayers accepted).

As well as writing this blog, I also ghost-write for other blogs of small businesses, do some voiceover work, manage our photography business (www.6thandburnside.com), and prepare myself for raising all of the children I’ll be birthing/adopting.

I love talking, writing, cooking, tv-watching, pop-culture, photography scene-design, and exclamation points! Did I already say talking?

Oh! and I love me some Jesus! I created this blog to capture the painful, raw, hilarious experience of navigating through life as Jesus so graciously turns it upside down for me.

In addition to this blog and lots of other places on the interwebs (find in links on homepage), you can get me at alexfittin@gmail.com to hire me for voiceover work or writing work or speaking work…or just to chat! (We’ve already established that I like to talk.)



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