Don’t Disturb the Phoebs


She lays like this every night and if Bryan moves or talks too much, she will look up at him with laser death eyes daring him to keep it up. And yet he loves her more than most things. I really cherish these moments actually. We call it our “couch time” where we watch tv together and lay around (on separate couches no less) relaxing each night. I know things will change when the kids come, but I’m hoping we can hold onto this as much as possible even through the craziness. Love my little family.

Love, Alex


One of These Days We Will Learn

Before and After

We have a wonderful groomer that we love and that adores our children dogs. The problem is, a lot of other people love them too and they are relatively well-priced, which means they book out like 2 weeks at least. So right around the time our prissy, bratty Bichon Frise’ starts looking like a swamp rat is when we get wise to the thought that maybe we should schedule her an appointment at the ol’ beauty salon.

This irresponsibility leads to another 2-3 weeks of Phoebe looking like a dirty ragamuffin (is that redundant?) and a corresponding few weeks after said appointment of people thinking we must have brought home a new dog. Because this beautiful creature couldn’t possibly the one that had grass stuck in her hair last week. In other news, both Jeckle-Phoebe and Hyde-Phoebe seem to eat poop, so there’s that.

Are we bad parents? Is this signifying how we will treat our human children? I hope not.

Love, Alex

PS: I think Bryan loves Phoebe and Mali more than he loves me sometimes, so our dogs are in no way mistreated. But srsly, that dog could do a rendition of Lady and the Tramp as a one-woman show.

What We’re Wearing Wednesday (Volume 1)

What We're Wearing Wednesday

New Segment alert! 

I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I have it. I love it. I use it. (Follow me! There’s a handy button up there! To the right. Yeah there!)

We all know that Pinterest can turn into a dreamworld if we let it though, amiright? Everyone looks wonderful and is always edited to perfection. If I were a crafter, which we all know I’m not, I would feel all kinds of depressed after looking at beautiful Pinterest creations.

So, in efforts to show what a real family looks like on regular days of the week, I am starting this segment. Sometimes you will catch us wearing cute clothes. Sometimes you will catch us in our PJs. Always you will catch us in relatively cheap clothes, because homegirl doesn’t pay full-price for stuff. It’s the Alex way.


Shirt: Express|Jeans: Express

Shirt: Express|Jeans: Express|Phoebe: photobomb

Shoes: Vans-probably from Journey or something

Shoes: Vans-probably from Journey or something


Black Ruffle Dress:|Leggings: uhhhh Rue 21?

Black Ruffle Dress:|Leggings: uhhhh Rue 21?

Necklace: Gift from my Mimi I think

Necklace: Gift from my Mimi I think

Earings: Smaller ones are always the cheap card packs from Claire's!|Bottom ones were a Christmas gift from my sister.

Earings: Smaller ones are always the cheap card packs from Claire’s!|Bottom ones were a Christmas gift from my sister.

Shoes: Toms from my friend Dia! Such a good gift!

Shoes: Toms from my friend Dia! Such a good gift!

That’s it guys! Join me next week for volume 2.

What are you wearing this week?

Love, Alex

Catching Up

**Remember how on my last post I said that the post I had all typed and ready was lost forever and I was ready to sing a Celine Dion song about it? Well it turns out that WordPress is much smarter than I gave it credit for, and it saved it! So here it is guys. Keep in mind, I typed this over a week ago and am too lazy to reread it right now, but here ya go. :)**


I swear I will get better at this, ok? This week/weekend has been CRAZY. Like, the craziest in a long time. I’ve been taking it surprisingly well, although I expect a full-on meltdown in the works soon. I’ll keep you posted on all of that…because I know you’re dying to hear more.

For now, I’ll share a recap of the Phoebe photos you’ve missed while I’ve been MIA. A good Phoebe Photo will always brighten the day.

After Phoebe’s worst nightmare of having to share her house and bed with my parents’ dogs this weekend, she rolled into Bryan’s bear blanket, which he shares with no one except for Phoebe apparently. She looked like she was swaddled like a baby. So pitiful.

I included an arial view so you could fully enjoy the patheticness.

Phoebe has all the energy necessary to play, but she doesn’t know how. I kid you not, she gets all excited and acts like she wants to play, and then when you try she will cower like a scardy cat. The only thing she does with toys is destroy them. Don’t even get me started with fetch. So when Mali is playing fetch with her tennis ball, Phoebe just requires a lot of attention to feel adequately and equally loved. This is usually the result.

Just ignore the letters drying in the corner there. I’m hosting a baby shower at my house this weekend with 3 other ladies and since I am craft-illiterate, my friend Dia, who is in charge of decorations, gave me the simplest job she could think of, and I love her for it. Oh, and I found a way to mess even that up. If you need an ego boost on craftiness, hit me up. I’ll tell you about my failures and make you feel better.

Finally, We are hosting Kanakuk Kampout counselors this week, which means we have 3 college guys in our house. Thankfully, we got some cool ones. They even did my dishes last night. Shortly after their arrival, Phoebe had them in her good graces, especially this guy, who asked if he could hold her like a baby. I told him she prefers it that way.


That’s a wrap guys!

Phoebe Doesn’t Share Bryan.

Phoebe highly values her nightly couch time with Bryan. She will sit at the foot of the couch every night and wait for him to sit down, growing increasingly impatient the longer he runs around and does other things besides providing her a place to sit and a hand to pet.

This weekend, we’re watching my parents’ dogs, Joey (pictured) and Chandler, Phoebe’s biological brother (points for catching the theme). Phoebe was relishing in her couch time and Joey decided he wanted in on the action. I love the visible disdain and annoyance Phoebe shows. Look at that nose in the air. Such a diva.

A diva in need of a bath.