That Time at Mentor Camp

april seggebruch

This is April Seggebruch. She owns a company called Movista. She also played basketball for the Razorbacks. Soooo yeah, it was a pretty cool interview.

This is probably going to totally embarrass my husband, but let’s be honest, when has that ever stopped me? (That was a joke, it has actually stopped me a lot, believe it or not. Oh the stories I could tell…)

On Wednesday, I went with him to Mentor Camp, which is a thing that happens in different cities around the world (for reals) where people who are successful in business and entrepreneurship come together and meet with less seasoned companies and coach them. The founder, Permjot Valia, chose Northwest Arkansas as one of these cities. We’re officially the cool kids. Forbes thinks so too.


Anyway, because my husband does cool things, namely, The Go Rogue Podcast, he and our friend Jason from Red Barn Studio  were able to set up a mock studio at the event and interview some really cool people from all over the world. I’m not gunna lie, you guys, seeing my husband talk shop with the big timers was pret-ty sexy. The sexiest part, however, is that he is super respected in this field. There were plenty of times where he was asked a difficult question or put on the spot in a way that made me nervous for him, but every single time, he handled himself so gracefully that I was impressed with him all over again.

joe stump

This is Bryan interviewing Joe Stump from Portland, Oregon. PORTLAND! Needless to say, Bryan had much to talk to him about his favorite city.

Uh, here's me "helping" with mic check. It was really just a lot of snarky answers to Bryan's test questions.

Uh, here’s me “helping” with mic check. It was really just a lot of snarky answers to Bryan’s test questions.

There have been lots of times recently where I have questioned how thinly Bryan spreads himself. He does a lot of stuff. And don’t get me wrong, I still hold to the fact that he needs to learn to manage his time with all of his side ventures in a better way, but it’s reminders like this that remind me to encourage him to keep going.

It’s only recently that I’ve been able to admit to myself that my husband is cooler than me. This is a pretty deep subject to delve into, but let’s explore it a little. There are two different reasons why this statement is not bad, but actually a good thing.

First, it helps me see the division of responsibilities that must exist between us. After working together on our businesses for almost 5 years now, we have finally started learning the importance if roles. I am not as outgoing or “Salesman-y” as Bryan, and that doesn’t make me less-than or a slacker. I’m good at the administrate stuff. And that has to be ok with me.

Second, it shows me the areas in my life where I could stand to be less afraid. Bryan is cooler than I am, he has less fear, I’ve written before about how much of a dreamer and eternal optimist he is, and that’s true in every facet of his life. He is doing such amazing things, and instead of thinking that he has worked hard to get to where he is and that he has earned it, he feels just so truly honored to get to be there with all of these successful people. It makes me want to be more like him. More brave. Less fearful. More carefree. Less cautious.

I strongly encourage all of you to support your significant other. Sure, we have to keep our dreamers grounded sometimes, but I never want to tether his soul too close to the earth. I needed this reminder, Mentor Camp. You keep doing you.

Love, Alex

P.S: Keep checking in at to hear all of the interviews from Mentor Camp, including Stephanie McCratic (Who I LOVE), Permjot Valia, Joe Stump, April Seggebruch, Ross Webb, and Abby Kiefer.


The Daily Fav Day 25: Travel

Growing up, we went on vacation just about every year to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We also we to other places, of course, and I have had so much fun traveling with my family all my life. I am so thankful for all of the memories that were made there and what a privilege it was to be able to take vacations every year. That being said, until I was 22 years old, I had never been on an airplane, had never been west of Oklahoma, and had never been east of Ohio. I hadn’t been able to travel very much and had no idea what was in store for me when I did.

I have now been on 3 different airplane trips (Whoa-ho!) and have officially been to both costs of the United States! I’ve found out that I have mixed feelings about flying: I love the speed at which you can travel and the convenience, but I hate the actual flying experience.

It’s been so much fun to be able to explore via travel with Bryan while we don’t have kids (Although we fully intend to travel a lot after we do as well-with and without our kids), and we’ve been able to do some really fun any memorable things!

We spent our honeymoon in Puerto Rico.


We got to spend New Years Eve 2012/2013 in New York City.

New Years

For Bryan’s birthday this year, we went to Portland, OR and took a mini trip to Seattle, WA while we were at it.

Teken in the car, sorry for the blurry-ness!

Teken in the car, sorry for the blurry-ness!

It may seem like a boring tree picture, but ALL of the trees in Portland look like this! Moss-covered craziness.

It may seem like a boring tree picture, but ALL of the trees in Portland look like this! Moss-covered craziness.

And of course, we’ve taken small trips here and there to Dallas, St. Louis, the beach with my family, etc which I won’t bore you with pictures of. I hope we keep traveling and expand beyond the United States soon too! Top of my travel wish list is Italy, then the rest of  Europe, then the rest of the world! Gosh, I just love it all.