Don’t let this photo fool you. My child is everything they said babies wouldn’t be. He is never cold, and has always gotten too hot for me to put him in those adorable fuzzy pajamas. He is strong willed and opinionated. And he is the opposite of cuddly and sweet.

I tell him all the time that he is not sweet, he’s spicy…just like his mama. I’m telling y’all, this child may look a lot like his daddy, but he is 100% my personality. I’m both proud of this and terrified for my and his (and Bryan’s) future.

This photo was taken while trying to get him to wind down and get ready for bed. He had been fighting me and trying to buck out of my arms. I held him tightly and said calming things to him as he fought and fought and finally was still.

God uses adorable little scenarios like this to gently wave my behavior at me like “Oh hey, see that? That’s you.” He tries to help and teach and refine me and I just fight Him. Nonstop. No matter how many times I’ve “learned my lesson” Having a baby has taught me a lot about how God must see us. Babies are ridiculous and irrational and unwise and clumsy and everything seems so obvious to everyone except them. Hm… I mean really. Babies be crazy. Perfect baby logic: “What’s this? The edge of the bed? Seems smart to just crawl off of here.” God tells us to trust Him, that He knows the way and that it’s better than ours, but we would rather just roll off the bed and hope for the best.

I love this Spicy child with my whole entire heart, and I am beyond grateful that someone loves me that much and more through all of my shortcomings and stupid behavior.


You Be Sweet to Me.

Man I love this guy. I’ve been with him 4 years this month. Don’t even talk to me about the crazy fact that less than 4 years ago we didn’t even know each other existed, and now we’re married and having a baby together. I’ve already thought about and it weirds me out. But also, still gives me butterflies.

There are a lot of couples out that have some weird habits. Sorry but it’s true. We don’t do baby-talk, we aren’t especially cuddly, and we don’t call each other pet names that are too out there. We do, however, have things that we say that are so not weird to us, but upon reflection, probably get some interesting looks from others. A big one that I discovered recently is probably not normal is “You be sweet to me.” You have to say it with a slight pout and when your partner is not paying attention to you or is admittedly not being sweet to you. I also will straight up tell Bryan to pay attention to me. Just keeping it real y’all.

What are some of your unique relationship things that, after thinking about it, are probably pretty weird?