Texas and Bryan and Bears, Oh My!

So as my last Hoorah before the baby comes, we decided to surprise Bryan’s bestie (read: boyfriend) Gerardo and drive down to Texas to spend a couple of days with him and his girlfriend Charolette (Who I really like, thankfully. Doesn’t it suck when you’re sort of stuck hanging out with someone who annoys you because of all of the relational connections? Totally not the case with Charolette). I plan to post some more photos and quips about our trip and adventures there, but for now I figured I’d leave you with the two most exciting animal encounters we had on the trip.

Alex petting zebra

First of all, I GOT TO PET A ZEBRA AT THE TEXAS STATE FAIR! Don’t even start with me about how that’s not a big deal. It so is.  I’ve never pet one before and it was like I could feel the cool stripe factor through their hair. Please horse, you have nothing on baby zebra.

Grady and zebra

Charolette took this picture and said it was of Grady and the zebra. So #LilFit, even though you’re already betrothed to bears as your favorite animal, let it be known that you were up close and personal with a zebra first.

Barnaby waving

An admittedly bigger deal, though, was this. We got to go to a wildlife refuge called Sharkarosa in Pilot Pointe and they had a super cool feature where you could EAT WITH BEARS. Seriously, they have a pizza place right next to the bear den (Called Bears’ Den, no less. Free tip: the service there was not great, and Charolotte had to get us our drinks from a server inside and then no one ever came to give us our food or a check for the drinks after about 45 minutes of sitting there, so we got to see the bears for free!) and they do shows every few hours where they bring the bears to a table and feed them avocados literally like 2 yards away from you. Bryan, as you could imagine, was outside his mind excited. This was the boy bear, Barnaby, doing a trick for his trainer (and for a peppermint-so cute!).

Barnaby waving

I’m sure Bryan would want to imagine that Barnaby was waving at him in this photo, but no, more tricks for peppermints. I’m seriously not kidding though, this was maybe a yard from the bear.

Love, Alex


What I HAVE Been Doing.

So I told you about what I have not been doing, which was being a good friend, keeping my appointments, and generally being a responsible human being. I thought I’d take a moment to share what i have been up to…in photo form. Now I am not a photographer. I leave that monkey business up to my amazing husband. These are all taken with my iPhone, and although I did try to edit them, I promise, they can only come out so well. So enjoy my photo journey!

We spent A LOT of time at Circle of life Hospice, which is wonderful, by the way. The staff was super nice and took really great care of my grandmother and all of us. We had to break up the heavy atmosphere with some humor sometimes, though. One night, Bryan had stayed home to edit some photos so Sierra decided to bombard him with selfies FROM MY PHONE. These gems are just 2 of the many pictures she gifted him.

I should pause to tell you a little about their relationship. Even though Bryan is not blood related to her, they act more like brother and sister than any of us combined. There are a myriad of hilarious stories I could share, like the one where she kicked him out of the tea shop where she works for touching things and offering to help customers. Or the one where I was telling Bryan’s dad about their feud in front of both of them. Donald turned to Sierra and says “You don’t like Bryan?” Sierra shrugged and with narrowed eyes and pursed lips said “Mmm, I like him fine…” Donald was at a loss for words. The rest of us laughed uncontrollably.

what I've been up to 10

Isn’t he adorable? Baby pictures available upon request.


what I've been up to 9

Y’all…Those lemon ones though.


what I've been up to 8


A glimpse into my future I suppose?

I helped organize a Moms’ Night Out for our church’s women’s ministry. My awesome brother up there hooked us up with free Andy’s with his new management powers. (And He’s single, ladies. And going to med school next fall. Submit all applications my email for my sister and me to review.) We had ladies make cupcakes to share and let me tell you…Best decision ever. I love to cook, but since I lack “following recipe” talents, baking is not my forte. I love anytime I get to enjoy yummy homemade cupcakes.

We went to our community group for the first time in what feels like forever. Such a cleansing experience to be around friends, share food, and feel the love when going through hard times. The CG host home, Casa del Horner, contains this crazy child who loves Bryan. His dad is an avid shark fan, so Bryan is still working to get Adler on Team Bear. Adler can put his paws up and growl now! Sorry for the underwear shot Becca…let’s just be glad is wasn’t his nightly “Nakey Time.”

I took photos of Phoebe being Phoebe, which is always entertaining. On the left, she had weasled her way under Bryan’s blanket, where she slept soundly on his stomach. He was unable to move for hours for fear of disturbing her highness’ slumber. On the right, she was looking at me perturbed because I was choosing to spend my time throwing the ball for her sister instead of holding and petting her, which is of course my actual job. I’m thinking of making Daily Phoebe Photo a thing for this blog. Thoughts?

I helped my parents move, and caught this winner of my goofy dad with all of his pairs of glasses on his person. I swear to you this was not staged, he was actually wearing them all like this because he found them moving and didn’t want to lose them again. I love him.

Because I am about to retire from the professional workforce, I figure there is only limited time to take my husband out for dates. On dates we usually do what I want to do, because my husband is super super sweet, so I decided to return the favor and take him our for some Chick-Fil-A (I offered PF Changs-his favorite-but he chose this instead) and Transformers. In this giant bucket of movie popcorn and the coke not pictured lies my happiness. Oh, and Transformers was pretty good too.

Lastly, because I just can’t take waiting any longer, I went to a friend’s charity garage sale and bought Lil Fitt a couple of gender neutral onesies. We feel that it is our duty to raise this child to be a correct sports fan. AKA The Razorbacks (amen), the Cowboys (amen), and the Mavericks (amen). Train a child up in the way that s/he should go…

That goofy guy pictured above stamped his approval on this outfit as well. We are a family of Arkansas/Texas sports fans.

And that’s all! As you can see, I haven’t been up to much, but I am trying be social and a good friend again.




The Daily Fav Day 25: Travel

Growing up, we went on vacation just about every year to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We also we to other places, of course, and I have had so much fun traveling with my family all my life. I am so thankful for all of the memories that were made there and what a privilege it was to be able to take vacations every year. That being said, until I was 22 years old, I had never been on an airplane, had never been west of Oklahoma, and had never been east of Ohio. I hadn’t been able to travel very much and had no idea what was in store for me when I did.

I have now been on 3 different airplane trips (Whoa-ho!) and have officially been to both costs of the United States! I’ve found out that I have mixed feelings about flying: I love the speed at which you can travel and the convenience, but I hate the actual flying experience.

It’s been so much fun to be able to explore via travel with Bryan while we don’t have kids (Although we fully intend to travel a lot after we do as well-with and without our kids), and we’ve been able to do some really fun any memorable things!

We spent our honeymoon in Puerto Rico.


We got to spend New Years Eve 2012/2013 in New York City.

New Years

For Bryan’s birthday this year, we went to Portland, OR and took a mini trip to Seattle, WA while we were at it.

Teken in the car, sorry for the blurry-ness!

Teken in the car, sorry for the blurry-ness!

It may seem like a boring tree picture, but ALL of the trees in Portland look like this! Moss-covered craziness.

It may seem like a boring tree picture, but ALL of the trees in Portland look like this! Moss-covered craziness.

And of course, we’ve taken small trips here and there to Dallas, St. Louis, the beach with my family, etc which I won’t bore you with pictures of. I hope we keep traveling and expand beyond the United States soon too! Top of my travel wish list is Italy, then the rest of  Europe, then the rest of the world! Gosh, I just love it all.